Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am obsessed with many things, but the one thing I have been drooling over lately, is...PODS!
That's right! Pods!
I don't know what it is, but something about their shapes, their treasure so carefully and mathematically housed inside that are seductive, beautiful and moving. Maybe it is some sort of human relation that I can appreciate of sheltering that which will bear 'children?' The protection and then the release, like we are meant to do with our children, and hopefully do!
They come in the most wonderful packaging. All so unique, their characteristics so plant specific, yet all designed for the same purpose.
Sort of like people, we are all so different, and have different methods, experiences, and certainly our packaging, yet we are all just looking to live and flourish.
Well I have gathered many pods lately. I have quite a collection. I realize also, in organizing my pods earlier today, that I would be very good at working at a musty, dusty museum organizing obscure things (no worries, I don't collect anything that requires formaldehyde!). I love to collect things, and the idea of arranging them neatly makes me very happy. Either I have reached an all new level of nuttiness or I need to get out more often!
Either way, I am perfectly happy with my new collection, nutty or not (and no pun intended, as these are in essence nuts!). And I have learned from my past, that if I am perceived as "nutty," then that means I am doing something right for myself.
I have a new camera, and I will be posting some POD PICS sometime soon.
I hope you can appreciate their beauty as much as I do.

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jennifer said...

lovely, I can't wait to see your pod pictures!

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